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If you are not obsessed with hand lettering like I am, you are probably like uhhh ok it is a quote that you wrote?

Nope. The best way to describe it is the art of writing pretty words. Hmm, drawing pretty words? It is definitely not

my typical handwriting! The lettering that shows up when I am drawing a design vs. what my handwriting looks like on a check are completely different!!! There are different styles, different pens, different techniques, and I cannot get enough of it! We offer a lettering basics workshop and it is always a good time, even relaxing! 

When you order a sign from me or send your stencil idea, a lot of times, I will draw it myself so you have a one of a 

kind piece! 

I didn't stop at my lettering, I have made so many sentimental signs from notes

from old cards.  These are my favorite, what a sweet gift for someone that has lost someone special! Contact me for more details!

I have always drawn little doodles but I was really pushed to step it up a notch when I started writing quotes for Toni Hunt at Model Behaviors.  When I started, I was drawing with pens and scanning them in (hey, this was a while ago!) I wrote monthly quotes for them and even was asked to draw their ideas for Friscovania! If you are in the Frisco area, it is the best Halloween event and for a good cause!!

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