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There are multiple options when it comes to making a sign yourself! I enjoy helping you bring your idea to life, whether you are at the shop or at your home!  Here's what you need to know to decide which is the best fit for you!

Make Your Fave Sign Parties

These are my favorite but have been put on hold until we can get COVID and its restrictions under control.  These parties normally are open to everyone, you can come by yourself or with a group of friends and the whole room is laughing at stories by the end of the party!

Private Paint Parties

Right now, these are the only parties available at the barn! I am taking smaller private groups to help make everyone feel a little more comfortable! Our parties are all about having fun :) At these parties, you guys can choose a theme or I can make the link so everyone can pick their own size, style, price, etc! I communicate with each person individually so we get each design right, you choose the paint colors when you get here!

To-Go Parties

These are new this year and have really been a hit. Unfortunately it is the only party that has rules.  I have these at a discount price because I don't have to physically be there. Everyone has done really well with these, we only do these in door signs and smaller signs so it is easy for everyone  to stick their own stencils or laser cuts.  Because of the discount, I personally think these are great for fundraisers!  We have had multiple groups use these and have great luck raising money for their cause. There are so many ways to do these parties so feel free to contact me and we can make it just right for your group! If you are borrowing my tools and supplies, I try to make it easy for everyone's schedule but do need to have them returned within three days after the party (not a problem to contact me if there is a problem with this, we can figure something out)

Make at Home Kits

Quarantine made these popular! These take a little more time to make up because they are packaged to not have to send anything back.  These are custom to what you want, you pick paint colors at time of purchase and everything is disposable after youre done.  These are great if you aren't local and need them shipped!

When you sign up for a party, you can get your idea to me multiple ways.... 


-Type it out! Simply say hey, my favorite verse is this and and I would love

to see it in cursive writing.

-Search the internet for something that catches your eye! You could find

something that you love but you want different wording and colors.

-Look on Hyde Graphics Facebook page, Instagram, or website.  I take pictures

of everyone's projects at the parties so when you grab the mustard yellow, I 

can say YES, look how cute it turned out on this sign three months ago!!!

-If you are still drawing a blank, don't panic! I can walk you through the process

or pick your brain and come up with a couple suggestions :)

These parties have been so much fun! I am 100% addicted

to drawing pretty words... I met Hannah, another local 

person addicted to lettering :) and we have put together 

a class that is a two for one! I am a lefty, she is a righty,

we both have different styles and you get packets from 

each of us! Two packets, two brush pens a cute little board

to hang your masterpieces on, and all of the fun things

that you create at the workshop!


I love the kid parties, I joke that the adults worry about using the right white but the kids are concerned that they might have forgotten to use one of the favorite colors!  Kid parties range from $15-$25 per child, depending on size.  The signs can be custom but for the sanity of the parent, we suggest that you pick a few ideas for them to pick from.

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