This has been so much fun! I love helping people create something that they LOVE! It is pretty fun to watch you guys come in nervous and worried that you might not be able to do it and about halfway through the party, everyone gets excited to see the finished product, when it is time to go, you have the mega grin and look like a kid excited to show their artwork to their parents :) The picture below gives you an idea of the popular styles and sizes: 

-12x24 smooth board

-12x24 smooth framed

-18x24 smooth board

-18x24 smooth framed

-18x24 pallet style 

-20x20 smooth framed

-12x36 smooth board

 -12x36 smooth framed

Go to our Calendar page to see what parties are available right now or get ahold of me to schedule a private party for you and your friends!


When you sign up for a party, you can get your idea to me multiple ways.... 


-Type it out! Simply say hey, my favorite verse is this and and I would love

to see it in cursive writing.

-Search the internet for something that catches your eye! You could find

something that you love but you want different wording and colors.

-Look on Hyde Graphics Facebook page, Instagram, or website.  I take pictures

of everyone's projects at the parties so when you grab the mustard yellow, I 

can say YES, look how cute it turned out on this sign three months ago!!!

-If you are still drawing a blank, don't panic! I can walk you through the process

or pick your brain and come up with a couple suggestions :)

These parties have been so much fun! I am 100% addicted

to drawing pretty words... I met Hannah, another local 

person addicted to lettering :) and we have put together 

a class that is a two for one! I am a lefty, she is a righty,

we both have different styles and you get packets from 

each of us! Two packets, two brush pens a cute little board

to hang your masterpieces on, and all of the fun things

that you create at the workshop!

I love the kid parties, I joke that the adults worry about using the right white but the kids are concerned that they might have forgotten to use one of the favorite colors!  Kid parties range from $15-$25 per child, depending on size.  The signs can be custom but for the sanity of the parent, we suggest that you pick a few ideas for them to pick from.