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A little about who we are...

We are located in Ashland, OH, which is the halfway point between Cleveland and Columbus.   What a ride it has been so far and it is exciting as we continue to grow. I always say that it is the best place to live because you can get anywhere in an hour.  

I feel like we offer something that no one around here does because I have had people drive from all over to come make something that they never imagined they could. I think the longest drive was 3 hours and we have shipped things all over the US.

My name is Allison Hyde and I started Hyde Graphics, hmm a long time ago! It was a hobby of mine, I love graphic design, I love to make things, and to doodle.  I still cannot believe that I have created a business out of those things, it doesn't seem fair that I enjoy my job this much.  For years, I did little side jobs, making decals for commercial signs, trucks, friends....  Eventually, I got into making wooden signs as gifts, I was still working at the hospital and trying to keep up with orders and it kept us busy (my husband has always helped me get things made). It got to the point where the house was full of signs, everywhere, the dining room was a sign room, the basement was a sign room.... we needed to get them out of there! We looked at local store fronts that were available (we found one and it was ROUGH), my better half suggested that we just put the shop behind the house.  He's so smart. SO, we built the barn in the spring of 2016 and it has been wonderful ever since. I can work while the kids are playing in the yard, we kind of make our own schedule and it has worked so far! I have met so many wonderful people, even if it is only for a few hours at a time, it has still been such a blessing to meet all of you!!!

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