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I LOVE THESE for any occasion! They look great being used and on display!  I tried (keyword tried) to make this easier to order! I will remove numbers as they become unavailable but the numbers are not only choosing the style board but whether the board with stand horizontal or vertical.  If you have any trouble deciding, just message me! If you have a certain design you want and its not one shown, message me! If you pick one that looks stained, that is a food safe stain.  If you select one that is natural, it will be treated with a food safe conditioner and be a little shiny like the first picture. 


I absolutely LOVE using the regular stain, if you like the look of the two pictures of boards that are stained, that is always an option. What I have read is that they are food safe after they have cured for 30 days. If all of this info stresses you out, message me!

Personalized Cutting Board

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