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Who doesn't like a custom sign that looks the way they want (and they didn't have to make it) More people than you would think!  SO, let me be honest, this is kind of a confusing order form, it was the best I could do for now but I am more than happy to help walk you through it if you need help. For some reason, it doesn't adjust your price until you have selected all three options so I apologize if you thought everything is $20 haha! Just take a deep breath and let me break it down.. 3D letters are cutouts, they will be cut out of wood and be glued onto the sign, they are great for big words and not so great for a lot of words! If you want a sign with lots of words but also a word cutout, I have no problem doing a stencil and lasercut, just pick the lasercut option.  If you choose the stencil option, I will paint the image onto the board. It will be a smooth surface.  NEXT, frame or no frame, the frame will add about an 1" to each side of your sign.  Please send all design ideas to and make sure you keep tabs on your email account in case I have questions or a proof for you.  OH, I also have the most commonly asked for sizes listed, if you want a specific size, just message me and I will add it so you can order! 

Custom Sign

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