I have been asked multiple times to explain what we

do at Hyde Graphics and the only thought that comes to mind is a little bit of everything! 

We make custom wood signs, hand lettered designs,

paint parties that help people 

make a bragworthy sign that they are SO PROUD OF :)

We also sell SVG files for people across the US to 

create one of our designs at home for themselves!

Things have changed so much over the years, we now have laser cut designs, engraving, almost all of the lettering is written by me ( I still use block fonts, I'm not a typewriter)!!!

What a weird time we are living right now! We used to have a schedule full of booked paint parties but right now are just playing it cool! We have been throwing together a lot of to-go parties when we aren't doing custom orders. I can't wait to get people back in here painting!!!!

Have questions? Contact me, I get excited to meet new people and help them make something they want!

We do not currently have official store hours but we 

are almost always here so give us a call to make sure we are here and stop by!

Our paint parties are not limited to pre-selected designs,

you can choose ANYTHING! I have had so many people say,

"I love the wording on this sign, but I like the style of this one"

I work really hard to try to make your stencil exactly how you envisioned it in your head (even sending screenshots back and forth until we have it just right)!!!

I cut all of the wood and create the stencils so it is kind of neat that you can pick any size, any idea and I can try to make it work!

You do not need any artsy skills to leave here feeling like a professional!  I get so excited when someone comes in here nervous and leaves so excited to get their new sign on the wall! I walk you through the process and am here guiding you through it while you laugh and have a good time with friends that you came with or new friends that you just met! People tend to start planning their trip back before they leave!

We built our shop right behind our house so to say it is a family business is an understatement!

It is laid back here, there might be two crazy kids running around the yard with a random animal (although they usually leave for the parties because they like to join in) but I think sometimes people start to come here just to hear the latest goofy stories about these two! 

We currently take custom orders, let people buy things off the wall with an appt (by appt. I literally mean a call to see if we are here, haha), and we have signs at multiple Hallmark stores in Ohio!!!

The signs are always changing at 
Hallmark so you should check often ;)


These guys are always running around the barn, sometimes even helping me!

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