These are cute DIY kits for your kids to show you that you are the best mom ever! There are multiple styles to choose from.  There are 12x12 boards, 12x12 boards with frames, 12" round signs, 12" round signs with ribbon, and 15" round signs with ribbon. When you order, let me know two paint colors that you would like. Due to the coronavirus, my options on paint and ribbon can vary but I will do my best to put together something awesome! If you choose to use your own paint, please make sure that you are using a matte acrylic, not glossy :) If you are worried about putting the stencil on ( which isn't too difficult on a small size like this) please let me know what background color you would like and I can paint it and slap the stencil on there before I ship it! Selling online is new to me so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!!!

Best Mom Ever Sign Kit

Board Styles