I'm over the moon excited to watch this silly little idea turn into something so cool!  I have turned a small hobby into a fun business that let's me stay home with my kids.  My kids have been around every step of the way, making lots of neat things in the process and I really want to encourage them to keep it going!!!

Lately, I have noticed other kids with special talents and creations and a light bulb clicked! Let's do a kid's craft show, kids selling their creations while getting a small taste of small business life. 


Originally, we were going to do this in our barn and there was a such a large interest that we needed a bigger location! Val has donated both rooms at Mitchell's Orchard and she is even firing up the food trailer! November 25th is Shop Small Business Day and what she has done with her small business is amazing!

SO, let's shop "small" on November 25th, 10am-2pm at Mitchell's Orchard.

Every kid is welcome to join in on the fun until we can't squeeze another spot in!

If your kid needs help or is unable to get supplies, please contact me because I have a lot of "kid supplies" that I would be more than happy to share:)

I will try to post any details on our Facebook page, please share our event so we get lots of shoppers!

Thanks for signing up!