How to Make Your Sign

If you have been to one of my paint parties, you know that I want to make sure your project turns out AWESOME!

If you have ever been to a party, you will know that I get just as excited about your sign as you! I love to watch them come to life.  This is a quick tutorial and if you guys stumble across a tip that seemed to be helpful for you, please let me know because this is all new to me! 

When you look through your stuff, I have noticed that the glue is awesome BUT that glue will be hard on top when you open it and you will have to break through it!! No, its not you, and trust me, watching me try to seal those containers as quickly as possibly would have been entertaining to watch!!! 

What you need from around your house:

-You are going to need a little sandpaper if you want to rough up the edges of your sign ( I do not recommend that on your fragile little letters!!!).


-You will need some heavy books or a board, something that you can put on top of your letters to make sure they are adhering to your sign.


1.Paint your background. Make sure you get your edges unless you don't want to :) For this step, you can use your hairdryer to speed up the process!

2. Paint your letters and/or shapes. This will take a little time, but if you try to dry these will a hairdryer... let me tell you, they will fly off your table like a saucer so you might want to wait!

3. Once everything is dry, you can sand the edges of your round sign, if you prefer.

4. Time to stick, the only trick I have to speeding up this process is going to the store and getting some spray adhesive!  I love it, I use the Gorilla Glue brand and it dries really fast.  If you use the glue that I sent, its not a problem and it is also good glue, but you will need to put the glue on the back of your letters, carefully lay them where you want them to go, and put something heavy on top of them to help them adhere to the sign.  The glue bottle says it takes a full 24 hours to adhere but I felt pretty good after letting it sit there for 1-2 hours (see where that fancy spray adhesive sounds like it is worth the trip to the store????:))

5. Add the ribbon. I have a very limited supply to ribbon right now, due to everything being closed and just sold out! I try to match up the ribbon with what I have and what I think you are doing but if you don't like the ribbon I sent, the good news is that it isn't magic ribbon, you can replace it with anything you have laying around or can find! I prefer the wired ribbon but the sky is the limit! You can knot the ribbon in the front and give it more of a rustic look or hide it in the back!

If you guys have any questions at all, please get ahold of me!!!